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I purchased two rolls of neoprene foam to replace the previous two accidentally thrown away during the our home purge.




I learned of of a free, open source video capture software that allows both capture to file and live streaming.  Open Broadcast Software Studio:


Graphic Design

I discovered a new open source alternative to Photoshop.  Pinta.  More like Photoshop than GIMP and cross platform with Mac and Linux.




I tried my hand at making a pouch for my test tubes.  I prototyped on paper.  The results worked well enough to try with fake leather and felt.  However, the fabric adhesive did not work on the fake leather.  I think I need super glue.


While I like the command line, sometimes a GUI has it’s uses.  To provide this without a full blown desktop environment, I installed Webmin on the Raspberry pi.



The core of CNC is gcode.  It’s a file of data that tells a CNC where to move the cutting head.

Easle can generate the code.  A CNC can use the code to cut.  But the bridge between Easle and the CNC is chilipeppr.


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Back in 2016 I started collecting the pieces necessary to build a CNC machine around a TinyG Board.

Much of the hardware came from Openbuildspartstore.com



Unlike 3d modeling, 2.5d is done on a single plane, cutting patterns or letters.  An application that assists with the design of and placement of the image/letters is Easle.